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Role Permission Definitions
Role Permission Definitions

What each permission grants access to

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Below is a list of all the various permissions that the system roles or custom roles can have.

Records Level Permissions

Create Records

  • The ability to create new records within apps that the user account has permission to access.

Edit Records

  • The ability to make edits to records that the user has access to within apps that the user account has permission to access on the web app and mobile apps.

Change Status

  • The ability to change the status of a record.

Change Project

  • The ability to change the project of a record.

Import Records 

Export Records 

  • The ability to export data out of Fulcrum using the exporter or the downloader on the record editor.

Remove Records 

  • The ability to permanently delete records from the web app. 

  • Note: If the role also has the permission to manage apps, then they will be able to delete apps as well.

Assign Records 

  • The ability to assign records to other members. 

  • Note: This permission also grants the ability to see records assigned to other members.

Run Reports 

  • The ability to generate PDF reports from the web app or the mobile apps for records.

Access to Issues & Tasks

  • The ability to create and interact with Issue and Task records.

Manager Level Permissions

Manage Groups

  • The ability to manage groups.

  • Owners and any other users with Manage Roles permission will be able to view, create, edit, and delete any groups - full control.

  • All other users with Manage Groups permission will only be able to see and manage the groups they are in. They will also be able to create groups.

Manage Members 

  • The ability to add or remove members/users from the plan.

  • The ability to grant or revoke access to all the apps, layers, and projects that the granting member has access to. 

  • The permission also allows the ability to change the role of other user accounts that have a role with less or equal permissions to any other role with less or equal permissions. For example, a manager cannot set another user account role to be an owner.

Manage Apps 

  • The ability to create or edit apps within the Fulcrum plan. 

  • The ability to duplicate an app and share the app with people outside of Fulcrum.

  • Also grants access to the settings tab on the app's dashboard page. On this tab, the user can enable or disable the app, as well as, enable or disable projects, record assignment, or hide the app on the mobile device. The only option not available is the ability to delete the app, the role will need to have the 'remove records' permission as well.

  • This permission and the Change Organization Profile permission are required in order to manage an app's data shares.

Manage Projects 

  • The ability to create/edit projects

  • Note: User with this role will only be able to edit projects that they have been given access to.

Manage Choice Lists 

Manage Classification Sets 

Manage Layers 

Configure Issues and Tasks

  • The ability to add and modify configuration options for Issues and Tasks (such as types and default assigned checklists).

Owner Level Permissions

Manage Subscription 

  • Grants access to the billing tab on the settings page of the Fulcrum web app. In this tab, you can change the credit card on file, change the plan type, add or remove media storage, and cancel your Fulcrum plan.

Change Organization Profile 

  • Grants access to the organization profile tab on the setting page of the Fulcrum web app. In this tab, the plan name can be changed, the company address can be set, and an organization icon can be uploaded. 

  • This permission also grants access to the webhooks tab on the settings page of the Fulcrum web app, Shared Views, and workflows.

  • This permission and the Manage Apps permission are required in order to manage an app's data shares.

Manage Roles 

  • The ability to create and edit custom roles.

  • This permission also allows the user account with this role to see all API tokens, across all members, that have been created within a plan.

  • Note: Since this permission allows users to edit a role that they could have, this role will be able to access all apps, projects, and layers within the plan.

Manage API Tokens 

  • Grants access to the API tab on the settings page of the Fulcrum web app. In this tab API tokens can be generated and deleted. 

  • Note: API tokens are specific to the user account that created them. The API token can only be used to perform actions that the user account can do based on the other permissions enabled or access granted for that user account.

Bulk Delete Records

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