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How do I grant or revoke access to an app?
How do I grant or revoke access to an app?

Setting member permissions to apps or forms from within the app's dashboard page.

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Fulcrum gives you granular control over which users in your account have access to each app. The ability to manage what users can access what apps can be done from four locations: the apps list, the app's dashboard page, groups, and the edit members page. The best option to use will depend on your use case. If you wish to grant/revoke a specific user access to multiple apps then it is probably best to use groups or the edit members page. If you wish to grant/revoke a group of users access to a specific app, then it is probably best to use the apps list or app's dashboard page.

Granting/revoking access from the apps list or through the app's dashboard page.

From the apps list of the Fulcrum web app:

  1. Select the Member Permission dropdown from the more menu to see a list of all users that currently have access to the app.ย 

  2. When the Member Permission modal is displayed search or filter users to move users from the left panel (Available Members) to the right panel (Selected Members).

  3. To revoke access to the app, move user from the right panel to the left panel.

The above workflow can also be done from the app's dashboard page by selecting the Member Permission button.


  • Any users with โ€œOwnerโ€ permissions in your organization will automatically have access to all apps within the account. There is no way to remove owners access to apps.

  • If a member has access to the app via a group, the member will be automatically added to the right panel and there will be an "Access via Group" note. To remove access to the app, the member or the app must be removed from the group.

  • When adding new users to your account, you can also grant access to apps individually during the onboarding process for a new user.

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