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Beginners: App Building

A good place for new users to learn about Fulcrum.

Beginners: Intelligent Team Automation

Fulcrum launched a new Intelligent Team Automation framework in April 2022. This collection of articles describes how to utilize this new framework of inspection tasking and issue tracking.


Covering common questions related to Fulcrum user accounts and plans.

User Management

Learn how to manage users properly.


Covering common questions related to the forms in your Fulcrum plan.


Common questions related to billing.


Common questions around the data collected in Fulcrum.


Ways to integrate Fulcrum with other services.

Importing Data

Articles related to adding data to your apps through the importer.

Exporting Data

Articles related to exporting or downloading data from your from your apps in Fulcrum.

Web App

Articles about the Fulcrum web app that you access through an internet browser. Focusing on the Homepage, App dashboard page, and the Record editor.

Field Types And App Designer Settings

Learn about all the different types of Fields used in Fulcrum.


General articles about the Fulcrum mobile apps on Android and iOS.

Android App

Articles covering the Fulcrum for Android mobile app.

iOS App

Articles covering the Fulcrum for iOS mobile app.


Articles covering Photos, Video, Audio, and Signature files.

Maps & Layers

Adding custom map layers to Fulcrum

Publishing Data with Data Shares

Articles on leveraging Data Shares.

Setting Up Webhooks

Guide to setting up and using webhooks.

Working With Data Events or Calculation fields

Guides on working with data events in Fulcrum.


Miscellaneous questions that wouldn't go into another category.

Workflows & Reporting

Articles on using workflows