What are Workflows?

An explanation of workflows and what they offer.

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Workflows enable you to automate data-driven processes directly within the Fulcrum platform. You can configure app triggers to monitor record events, which kick off workflows that can conditionally initiate actions on your behalf.

You can access workflows from the App Dashboard page. Click on the WORKFLOWS tab to access the index where you can create new or modify existing workflows.

Owners Manage Workflows

Since workflows have the ability to send data outside of the platform, they are restricted to members with the system-level Owner role and users with the Change Organization Profile and / or Manage Roles permissions.

Limits & Quotas

  • There is a workflow rate-limit of 10,000 per day. If you frequently encounter this limit, please reach out to our support team via the chat icon in the bottom left, or at support@fulcrumapp.com

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