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Webhooks: Roles and Permissions
Webhooks: Roles and Permissions

How to configure roles and permissions for use with webhooks. (Intermediate)

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If you want to learn about the roles and permissions needed to manage webhooks, you are in the right place. Here, you will also learn how to create a role that can manage webhooks and assign that role to a member in your organization.

Please make sure that your subscription includes webhooks, otherwise even if the users have the proper permissions, they won't be able to manage them.

In order to see, configure, and use webhooks, members of your organization must have the right permission/role.


Roles are a very useful way to create subsets of permissions to assign to individual users. There are two types of Roles in Fulcrum: the System Role and the Custom Role.

System Role

By default, the only role to have the 'Change Organization Profile' permission is the 'Owner' System Role. This means the owner is initially the only person who can do anything with webhooks.

Custom Role

The organization’s owner (or any member with the 'Manage Roles' permission) can create another role to have the 'Change Organization Profile' permission. They can then give a member this role, and that member will be able to manage webhooks.

Creating a Role for Webhooks

To create a role with the permissions to manage webhooks, first in the Side Navigation on the left side of the Fulcrum Web App, click the Setup menu to display the additional options. Roles are available under the Organization Section. There click the '+ New Role' button.

Once you are in the Add Role page, follow the steps listed below.

  1. Give your Role a name and optionally add a Description. This should help you identify the purpose of the Role.

  2. Check the Change Organization Profile permission and any other permissions you would like to have this role to have. 

  3. Click Save Role.

Once Saved, your new role will be available to use. Members with this role will have the ability to manage webhooks.

These steps are for creating a new role, but you can also modify an existing custom role and enable it to have this permission.

Change Organization Profile Permission

Users who will manage webhooks need to have the 'Change Organization Profile' permission. As the name implies, this permission gives the user the ability to do more than just manage webhooks. To learn more about this permission, see our permissions help article.

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