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How do I bulk or mass delete records?
How do I bulk or mass delete records?

This utility will allow you to bulk delete records using the API.

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Requirements: This utility requires the Developer Pack or the Enterprise Plan.


There is NO undo when you delete records using this utility. Make sure you triple check to ensure you are selecting the right records. They CAN NOT be recovered.

If you need to batch delete records or delete records in mass, this utility will allow you to delete as many records as you would like. It will not delete data out of a records, but instead delete the whole record.


  1. The batch delete utility requires an API token to be used. Save your API Token for future use. This utility will not save your API Token. You can enter your API Token in the top right corner.

  2. Use the record viewer to create a filter with the records you want to delete. Then download that data using the "Download Data" button creating a CSV.

  3. Import your CSV file into the Batch Delete Utility.

  4. Select all or select the records you want to be deleted on the left column.

  5. Press Delete Selected Records Button

You will receive a warning this can not be undone.

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