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How do I bulk or mass delete records?
How do I bulk or mass delete records?

Learn how to bulk delete records in the data viewer or using the API.

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Fulcrum provides the ability to bulk delete records using either the data viewer or the API.

Use bulk delete with caution. Unless you’ve exported and backed up your data, once a record has been deleted from the system, it cannot be recovered from within Fulcrum.

Bulk Delete in the Data Viewer

  1. Open the data viewer for an app.

  2. Filter the data viewer to the records you want to delete. See this article for information on how to filter the record data.

  3. Select the trash can icon to initiate the deletion of the records within the filtered view.

  4. Confirm your delete action by entering the number of records you are deleting and selecting 'DELETE'.

    The records will be permanently deleted so you may want to export and backup your data prior to confirming the bulk delete action.

  5. You can continue to work while the bulk delete processes in the background. To monitor the progress of your bulk delete, open the Activity Center. Items will stay in the Activity Center for 7 days before they are automatically removed.

  6. When the bulk delete process completes, there will be a record of it in both the Audit Log and Changesets.


  • If you do not see the delete icon, you may not have permission to the bulk delete feature. There is a role permission called ‘Bulk Delete Records’ that is included with the owner role and can be given to custom roles.

  • There is a bulk delete limit of 10,000 records in one action.

  • If you have a Workflow set up to trigger upon record deletion, when you perform a bulk delete:

    • Email and SMS actions will not occur - this is to prevent thousands of messages from being sent all at once.

    • Webhook actions will occur.

Pro Tip: Delete records you just imported in a few clicks

Sometimes a mistake is made when importing records and you need to get rid of those imported records. Here is a really fast way to do that:

  1. After importing, go to the Changesets tab on the App Dashboard.

  2. Select the link that represents the changeset related to the import. That will take you to the data viewer but filtered down to only the records in that changeset; i.e. the view will be filtered to show only the records you just imported.

  3. Select the trash can to bulk delete.

Bulk Delete via the API

You may also perform a bulk delete operation via our API. Check out our Batch API documentation to get started.

Bulk Delete Permission

Only users with the ‘Bulk Delete Records’ permission can perform a bulk delete. This permission is included with the 'Owner' system role and can be given to custom roles.

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