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How do you update record data with the importer? (Basic)
How do you update record data with the importer? (Basic)

Updating records in an app or form with the importer.

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Users can export records out of Fulcrum, make changes and add information elsewhere (in, say, Excel), and then reimport to update the records in Fulcrum. This can be very useful when needing to update or modify a large number of records.

Updating existing data through the importer is the same process as importing new data, with one small modification. During the first step, you will want to check Update Existing Records instead of creating new records.

Note: When updating records, make sure that the fulcrum_id column is still present in the file. This column is used to map the rows to the existing records. Other columns that do not contain new/edited data can be removed from the import file without impacting the records in Fulcrum.

If you are updating repeatable records:

  • The parent file (with fulcrum_id column) must be included in the import/update.

  • The repeatable file must include the following fields: fulcrum_id, fulcrum_parent_id, fulcrum_record_id.

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