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What is the Fulcrum homepage?
What is the Fulcrum homepage?

What is the main page in Fulcrum's web app.

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The homepage is the main start screen when you sign into Fulcrum on the web app. For most users, this is the Apps list. However, if you have access to Issues and Tasks, you may set a different default homepage.

Clicking the Fulcrum logo in the upper left of the screen from any page inside the web app will always take you back to your homepage.

Main Navigation

Along the left side is a navigation pane that can be collapsed and expanded as needed.

In the upper-right part of the screen are four buttons: 

  • Plan Selector - This button will be labeled with the plan that you are currently accessing. This is used to toggle between different plans that your user account is a member of. You can also create a new plan through the drop-down that appears when clicked.

  • Help Icon - This will provide links to the Fulcrum Academy, Support Documents (Knowledge Base), Feedback Request Form, and Developer Docs.

  • Lightning bolt - This menu shows the most recent updates to both the iOS and Android apps.

  • Plus Icon - This dropdown will provide a fast way to create an app, import, export, project, map layer, choice list, and classification set.

Here you can access the Platform and Settings options

  • Apps Button - takes you back to the homepage.

  • Import Button - This will take you to the main import page where you can start a new import, resume a previously started import, or look at the logs for an import that was completed within the last seven days.

  • Export Button - This will take you to the main export page for the exporter where you can start new exports and also download an export that was run over the last seven days.

  •  Projects Button - Go to the projects page where you can create new projects and manage existing projects. 

  • Layers Button -  Go to the layers page where you can create new layers and manage existing layers.

  • Choice Lists - Go to the choice list page where you can create new predefined choice lists or edit existing ones. 

  • Classification Sets -  Go to the classification sets page where you can create new classification sets or edit existing ones.

Apps List

This segment of the homepage displays all the apps that your user account has access to. By default, you will only see active apps and they are sorted by the last activity. The filter, sorting, and search box options at the top can be used to quickly locate the app you wish to access.

If you have Manage Apps permission, clicking the app's name will take you to the app designer. If you do not have Manage Apps permission, clicking the app's name will take you to the app's dashboard page where you can manage the app's settings, member access, and various option options.

To the right of the app's name are a series of buttons that allow you to quickly access key data and functions for that particular app.

Below the app's name and description are where you can quickly access the app's data with a previously saved view.

Activity Feed

Along the right side of the homepage is the activity feed for your plan. This will show the latest record activity that has taken place across your plan. If you wish to see activity for a specific app, this can be found on that app's dashboard page.

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