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What are Record Editor Views?
What are Record Editor Views?

Saving and referencing Views for quickly accessing record subsets.

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Fulcrum's Record Editor presents your data in an interactive table with an integrated map and includes tools for browsing and filtering out subsets of records. 

Saving Filtered View

After filtering, sorting, or making column adjustments, you can save the settings as a View, which can be named and saved for future reference. 

To do this click on the "Save View" button that appears to the right of the "Clear All Filters" button when you have filters in place. 

Opening Your Saved Views

There are two places where you can access the Views once they have been saved. The first place is directly under the App(s) with the saved views on the the Fulcrum homepage.

The other place if from the app selector drop-down within the record editor. 

Deleting Saved Views

To delete a previously saved view you will want to hover your mouse over the view on the homepage. This will reveal a X to the right of the view label. Clicking the X will delete the saved view.


  • Views are currently only accessible to the user that creates them, but we are exploring additional sharing options for future updates.

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