Accessing the Learn Pages

Web app

The learning portal can be accessed by clicking on the question mark icon in the menu bar in the Fulcrum web app. 


The learning portal can be accessed by clicking on Support & Services in the menu bar and then selecting Learning Portal.

Contents of the Learning Portal

Across the top of the learning portal you will see a series of buttons. Each button will take you to a different part of the learning portal.


The overview section will contain general information about the Fulcrum platform, getting started guide, historical information about Fulcrum, an FAQ section, information on our professional services team, and the release notes.


The resources section contains videos around training, webinars, user made videos and marketing focused videos. Additionally, you can find general guides, integration focused guides, the latest APK file for the Fulcrum for Android app, and branding & media assets.


The developer section contains information on our developer tools (webhooks, data shares, and URL actions), the REST API, the query API, calculation field functions and examples, data event functions and examples, and information on Desktop Sync.


The help section connects you to the out help documentation which is what this page is hosted on.


The status page givens you live information on the uptime of the web app and API.

Sign In

The sign in button will direct you to the Fulcrum web app, where you can sign in and access your Fulcrum plan.

The search box will allow you to search through the contents of the learning portal. Note that this does not include the help pages. You will need to use the search within the help pages instead.

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