Each app on the homepage has details about the app and buttons that will do certain actions to that app.

Starting on the left side is the app icon. This icon can be set to anything you wish but will be trimmed if the image uploaded is not a square. 

To the right of the app icon is the name of the app, clicking this will take you to that app's dashboard page. Just below the app's name is the description of the app that can be set on the app's dashboard page or through the app designer.

Below the description is the activity information, this shows the last time that the app has had any records created or edited within the app.

Starting from the top on the far right side is the record count. This is the number of records or entries that this app contains. This is a total count of all the records on the server and will not include any records that have not been synced from the mobile apps yet.

Below the record count are a series of buttons. Starting from the left and working right they are:

  • Records - This button takes you to the record editor for the app where you can view, edit, or create records within that app.

  • Designer - This button takes you to the app designer page for the app where you can edit the app's design and structure.

  • Importer - Start an import where you can create new records or update existing records into this app.

  • Exporter - Start an export where you can produce a file with the data and photos contained within the app.

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