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How does Fulcrum work with multiple users?
How does Fulcrum work with multiple users?

Frequent questions and more information about how Fulcrum works with multiple users.

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We designed Fulcrum to make working with teams and collecting data as a group easier and faster than paper-based alternatives. Fulcrum is a multi-user, collaborative system and fully supports adding multiple team members to your account through the Members section in your account settings.

Multiple users can simultaneously collect data using the same app/form within Fulcrum. When everyone synchronizes their data, it’ll all merge under that app/form for review in the web app. Additionally, if a user account has access to a record that was created or updated by another member on a different device or platform, they will also download this new or updated record the next time they run the sync on the Fulcrum mobile apps.

Fulcrum is also cross-platform, so users within your organization can use a mixture of the web app on a internet browser, as well as, iOS or Android devices without a problem.

Read more about creating custom roles to manage access controls for your users.

Note: If your plan does not have Automated Conflict Prevention and more than one user is editing the same record at the same time, the last person to sync the record will have their edits retained. When you do have multiple people editing the same records make sure that they coordinate between each other to ensure that they do not overwrite any data that they collected.  

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