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How does Fulcrum work with multiple users?
How does Fulcrum work with multiple users?

Working with teams.

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We designed Fulcrum to make working with teams and collecting data as a group easier and faster than paper-based alternatives. 

Fulcrum is a multi-user, collaborative system and fully supports adding multiple team members to your account through the Members section in your account settings.

Multiple users can simultaneously collect data using the same app within Fulcrum. When everyone synchronizes their data, it’ll all be merged under that app for review in the web management interface. Fulcrum is also cross-platform, so users within your organization can use a mixture of iOS and Android devices without a problem.


  • Plans with automated conflict prevention will try to merge edits with different records together. 

  • All members have a role within your plan. They can either have one of the system roles or a custom role. This controls what they can do within your Fulcrum plan.

  • Projects can be used to limit what records groups of users can access within an app.

  • Record assignment can be used to restrict access to records, users with the standard user system role or a custom role without the "assign records" permission will not be able to edit records assigned to other users.

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