Fulcrum for iOS App Settings

An overview of the settings options found in the Fulcrum for iOS app.

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The Settings in your iOS app allow you to fine-tune Fulcrum for your personal use, access information about your profile & organization, enable & disable certain options, and sign out.

Accessing iOS Settings Page

To access the Settings page, navigate to the Home screen and select the Settings icon on the bottom navigation bar.

Accessing the iOS Settings Page from the bottom menu.


This section allows you to:

  • Update your Profile. You will be able to view your information and update your Name, Last Name, Email address.

In order to access your profile, you will be asked to enter your password to confirm your identity.

  • Switch your Organization. If you are a member of more than one organization, you can switch which organization you are accessing.

List View

This allows you to adjust the sorting options for the Records List within your apps. You can sort by record title, status, date/time created, or date/time updated.

The default sort order is descending. By enabling the "Ascending" option, the records will sort in ascending order.


Allows you to enable/disable automatic syncing and limit syncing while using cellular data.

  • Auto-Sync - When enabled, the mobile app automatically syncs to speed up communication between the field and the office. If disabled, you will have to tap the sync icon to manually initiate the sync process. To learn more about automatic syncing, please check out: When does the mobile app automatically sync?

  • Sync Settings - Allows you to choose if Photos, Videos, Audio, Signatures, and Record Attachments sync over Cellular or WiFi, WiFi Only, or Never.


Here you can configure the following photo settings:

  • Quality. Adjust the photo quality setting between available quality settings: Native, High (810x1080), Medium (540x720), and Low (360x480). Depending on the camera app’s quality setting, Fulcrum may downscale the photo to the quality setting set in Fulcrum. If the quality setting in the camera app is lower than the setting in Fulcrum then no upscaling will occur to the photo.

Adjusting the picture quality can have a big impact on sync times, cellular data consumption, and the amount of media storage your photos consume.

  • Save to Camera Roll. When enabled, a copy of the image taken will be stored locally in the Photos app.

  • Enable Multiple Photos. When enabled, you can take up to 30 photos at a time with the Fulcrum camera for each photo field on a record. Disabling this setting will return you to single photo mode where you will return to the form after taking one photo.


In this section, you can set high-level video settings:

  • Quality. Adjust the video quality and whether or not to save the videos taken during data collection to the camera roll.

Adjusting the video quality can have a big impact on sync times, cellular data consumption, and the amount of media storage your videos consume.

  • Save to Camera Roll. When enabled, a copy of the video taken will be stored locally in the Photos app.

More options in the Settings page for Videos, Maps, and Data Management

Map Settings

Allows you to:

  • Use ESRI Maps. Enable or disable the use of ESRI maps. Please check out, How do I choose Esri Maps or Google Maps for more information.

  • Show Pin Labels. You may also choose to Show Pin Labels (if Use Esri Maps is selected). This option will display the record title with each pin without needing to tap on the pin.

Data Management

The Data management section has options pertaining to the data and media that is stored within the Fulcrum database within the mobile app. You can clear the synced data or media files, as well as, clear default values that are currently stored on your device.

Reset Records Cache

Resetting the stored records cache will remove all cached records on the device. Any records that have not been synced will not be removed. Details on resetting the record cache can be found here.

Clear Synchronized Files

This option will clear all synced media files off of the device. This can be used to free up storage space on the device.

Clear Default Record Values

Clearing the default record values will clear all values that have been saved on fields that have default to previous value enabled.

Backup Database

Backup Database will create a backup of the data currently on your device. 

This backup file is not readable by Fulcrum and should only be created if instructed to do so by a Fulcrum support staff member.


View the current version and read the terms of service. Additionally, a link to contact support (via Email) is under this section. There is also a diagnostic link that will take you to a page where you can view the storage details, memory details, and server details. If support ever asks to send logs to them you can send the logs through this page as well.


Security is where you can require Face ID to log in and also set the time limit before you will need to reenter your password. More details on this can be found on the security page.

Sign Out

At  the bottom of the Settings Page, you will have the option to Sign out of Fulcrum completely. Next time you open the app, you will need to enter your credentials.

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