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How does syncing on the mobile app work?
How does syncing on the mobile app work?

This article describes how syncing data to and from the server works on the Fulcrum mobile app.

Written by Katie Briggs
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The sync function on the mobile app allows data to move between the server/web and the mobile app. The sync function allows users to work offline (by downloading data for offline use) and communicate updates when online. Syncing is automated in some instances but can also be initiated by mobile app users.

This article covers:

What happens when a user initiates a sync?

A user can initiate a sync by selecting the sync icon.

This will perform a full sync which includes:

  • Pulling updates to data (apps, records, layers, etc.) the user has access to down from the server to the user's mobile app

  • Pushing updates to records, tasks, and issues from the mobile app to the server. Draft records will not be synced, and, therefore, cannot be accessed from other devices.

    Note: To minimize sync time, the sync will only include data that has changed since the last sync.

When does the mobile app automatically sync?

Along with the ability to create and edit records during the sync process, additional automated syncing now occurs to help speed up communication to the office and keep the apps on your device updated. If a user is online, the Fulcrum app will automatically sync when:

  • Signing into the mobile app

  • Launching the mobile app

  • Navigating back to the Apps list from an individual app

  • Saving a record - this sync will only push the record that was saved to the server; it is not a full sync. Draft records will not be synced.

    Note: Photos, videos, audio files, signatures, and attachments will start syncing to the server as they are added to the record to minimize the time it takes to sync the record upon saving.

How to turn off automatic syncing

There are a few ways to turn off automatic syncing:

Sync Settings

Check out our help articles on Mobile App Settings for information on the sync settings.

Unsynced records indicator

To help users ensure that they have synced all of their work, a notification badge will display on the sync button when a user has unsynced records on their mobile device. The badge will show the number of unsynced records, up to 9. If there are more than 9 unsynced records, only the red dot will appear.

What happens if another user edits the same record before I sync my edits?

If more than one user is working on the same record, we recommend frequent syncing to help ensure each user is working with up-to-date information. Fulcrum operates by the principle of "Last one in wins" meaning that the most recent edit to save and sync to the server will replace other edits.

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