Issues were introduced as part of Fulcrum's Intelligent Team Automation functionality. Issues represent problems or observations found in the field. The issues list allows you to view all the issues for your organization to track resolution and look at issue trends.

NOTE: Your organization may not have our new Intelligent Team Automation functionality enabled. If you don't have Tasks and Issues enabled, you'll need to turn on Fulcrum's Intelligent Team Automation features to use this new workflow.

Map View

Fulcrum enables you to gain insights into safety and quality trends across your organization through mapping of reported issues. You can switch to a map view of your issues by selecting the toggle at the top right of the Issues List.

By hovering over a pin on the map, you can view a summary of the issue.

Cards at the Top of the Issues List

The cards at the top of the issues list provide a quick snapshot of key metrics.

  1. Critical / High priority issues - This is the number of open issues with a priority of either critical or high.

  2. Top Issue Type - This shows the number of issues from the most commonly used issue type.

  3. Needs Resolution - This is the number of issues with a needs resolution status.


There are multiple ways to filter the list.

  1. Type a search value into the Search field.

  2. Select + Add Filter to filter based on selected fields. You may add multiple filters this way.


To sort the list, click on the header of the column you would like to sort by. Click again to sort in the opposite direction. It's that easy!

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