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Managing the Task Backlog

This article describes how to manage your organization's backlog of tasks on the web.

Written by Katie Briggs
Updated over a week ago

Tasks represent assigned work, and the Task List (aka the task backlog) allows you to view all the tasks for your organization to track completion and productivity.
​NOTE: You will need to have our Intelligent Team Automation (Tasks and Issues) feature set enabled to use this workflow! If you do not see Tasks and Issues in Fulcrum, please reach out to our support team via the little red chat bubble in the bottom right corner of this window to learn more about this new functionality and to have them enable it. It is included with your existing subscription.

Cards at the Top of the Task List

The cards at the top of the task list provide a quick snapshot of key metrics.

  1. In Progress or Open - This is the number of tasks that are scheduled but have not been completed. Generally, you will want this number to be steady or falling.

  2. Due This Week - This is the number of tasks with a Due Date in the current week. Weeks are defined as Sunday through Saturday.

  3. Overdue - This is the number of Open or In progress tasks that have a due date in the past.


There are multiple ways to filter the list.

  1. Type a search value into the Search field.

  2. Select + Add Filter to filter based on selected fields. You may add multiple filters this way.


To sort the list, click on the header of the column you would like to sort by. Click again to sort in the opposite direction. It's that easy!

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