Report Issues via the Android App

This article describes how to report an issue using the iOS app.

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Issues are problems or observations found in the field that need to be tracked and/or resolved. This article will describe how to:

NOTE: You will need to have our Intelligent Team Automation (Tasks and Issues) feature set enabled to use this workflow! If you do not see Tasks and Issues in Fulcrum, please reach out to our support team via our in-app chat to learn more about this new functionality and to have them enable it. It is included with your existing subscription.

View the Issues List

To navigate to the Issues List, select Issues from the Overview tab.

On the issues list, you will see the list of issues that your organization is tracking.

Report an Issue

To report a new issue:

  1. Select the + button at the top of the issues list.

  2. Fill in all required fields and any other information you want to include about this issue.

  3. Location. Whenever an issue is initially created, Fulcrum will capture the GPS location of the mobile device. To adjust the location of the issue, tap on the Location field. A larger map view will open where you can adjust the location in a few different ways:

    1. To move the issue to your current location, select the crosshairs in the lower right.

    2. To move the issue to a known address or place, tap the Google lookup option below the Layers icon on the right and type in the desired address or place.

    3. If you know the specific coordinates of the issue, you can tap on the coordinates at the bottom of the screen to manually enter the coordinates.

    4. You can also select any location by panning/dragging the map around.
      Once you have the location set, tap the checkmark to save the updated location.

  4. Select Save to save the issue.

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