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What is the security section found in the settings page of the Fulcrum iOS app?
What is the security section found in the settings page of the Fulcrum iOS app?

The security settings options on the iOS app.

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At the bottom of the settings page in the Fulcrum for iOS mobile app there is a security section. Within this section is an option to configure security settings.

Configure Security Settings

Within the configure security settings page there are two options, the enable option (which will have Require Face ID, Pass Code, or Finger Print) and Authentication Interval.

Note: The option that you will be able to enable will depend on what your device supports and/or has enabled. Fulcrum will only show one option here. If the device supports Face ID and it is enabled then the Face ID option will show. If the device supports finger print scanning and it is enabled then the finger print option will show. If the device does not support either of those options or they are not enabled on the device then you will see the pass code option.

When enabled you will need to unlock Fulcrum anytime Fulcrum is accessed after time set within the authentication interval option.

Within the authentication interval page you have option ranging from immediately up to four hours.

After Fulcrum has been in the background for the specified amount of time you will have to use the enabled unlock option enabled to unlock Fulcrum and gain access again.

Note: If you are finding that you are having to repeatability enter in your password when you sync then please try logging out of the Fulcrum mobile app and then log back in again. 

After you have initially logged in the mobile app, the only time you should need to reenter your user account password is if you have recently changed your password and have not updated the mobile apps with the new password.

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