App Settings

The App setting page is where you will be able to set the map view’s basemap & layers, records list view, sync, and video options. As well as access the data management, account settings.

Map View Options

Set the layers & basemaps that you would like to use in Fulcrum.

List View Options

Set if the list view is filtered by the bounds of the map view and how you would like the records sorted.

Sync Options

Auto-Sync Records: If enabled, every time a record is saved on the mobile device Fulcrum will attempt to sync the record to the server. Auto-sync only pushes the saved record up to the server and does not pull down any other changes. If there is no data connection, either through WiFi or Cellular the record will not sync and you will have to sync later. If you do not wish to sync over a cellular network, then it is recommended to not enable this feature.

Media Sync Settings: Allows you to set the sync settings for media. This includes: Photos, Videos, and Signatures. You have three sync settings to choose from: Cellular or WiFi, WiFi only, or Never.

Photo Settings

Adjust the photo quality setting between available quality settings: Native, High (1080), Medium (720), and low (480). Depending on the camera app’s quality setting, Fulcrum may downscale the photo to the quality setting set in Fulcrum. If the quality setting in the camera app is lower than the setting in Fulcrum than no upscaling will occur to the photo.

Note: Adjusting the photo quality can have a big impact on sync times, cellular data consumption, and the amount of media storage your videos consume.

Video Settings

Adjust the video quality.

Note: Adjusting the video quality can have a big impact on sync times, cellular data consumption, and the amount of media storage your videos consume.

Data Management

Resetting the stored records cache will remove all cached records on the device. Any records that have not been synced will not be removed.

My Account

The "my account" page shows you your account information. Included in the account information is your name, email, the organization context you are signed into and your given role within that organization. This information is helpful if you are a part of multiple organization accounts. You can also log out of your account from this page. This page can be found by selecting my account button located in the overflow menu.

About Fulcrum

The about page contains the Fulcrum version, support, and terms of service information. As well as, some additional tools & utilities. The backup database function will create file that you can share with us in the event that there is an issue with the normal means of syncing your records to the Fulcrum server.

Utilities & Tools

Database Export: This tool will create a copy of the Fulcrum database and store it on the external storage of this device. The backup is intended for developer troubleshooting only and can not be directly imported into Fulcrum.

Location Debugger: Use this tool to see the details about the location updates Fulcrum is receiving. This can be used to help troubleshoot external GPS accessories.

Orientation Debugger: View the device’s orientation sensor output, including azimuth, pitch, and roll.

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