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Generating a PDF Report in the Android App
Generating a PDF Report in the Android App

How to generate and share PDF reports in the Fulcrum for Android app.

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A report can be generated for any record created in Fulcrum, right from your mobile device. When you generate a record, a PDF file will be created. You can then send this file to others through email, SMS, or airdrop. You can even print or copy the record. 

Generating a Record Report

You will need to start by tapping the Apps option to load your current list of Apps.

Make sure you have the latest information by syncing your data. Then tap on the desired app to get to the App Record page, there select one of your records, and make sure you go to the record creation/edit page. There tap the report icon on lower menu bar.

Printing a Report in the Android app for a specific record.

You will be prompted with a confirmation screen. It basically says that your record will be synced with the server.

Once confirmed, the record information will be synced if this hasn't happened yet, as it is necessary for the report generation. Once the report has been generated it will be set to your mobile device.

Generating a Report with multiple Templates Available

Similar to the report generation on the web, if you have two or more available templates, you will be presented with the list of available ones for you to choose from.

Report selection modal, when there are more than one report template available.

Once you select the report template, or if it was only one available, the report will be displayed on your mobile device. It will provide a few options like share within the report, save it to Google Drive or you have the option to share the report.

Sharing a Record Report

To share your newly generated report, tap on the overflow menu icon (three vertical dots) in the upper-right corner of the record report page.

PDF report available in Android app. Includes options to save or share.

This will display the following options:

  • Send File will allow you to select among your apps the one you want to use to send your File.

  • Download will download a copy of the PDF file to the device.

  • Print will look for printers that can print the PDF report.

  • Report a problem option sends an email to Google in case of an error, not to the Fulcrum support team. Internet connection is required.

Options to share your PDF report in Android

Tap the option that best suit your needs and your report will be shared.


  • If you are interested in a custom report, submit a sample report here.

  • The PDF preview page is something that is powered by the operating system and not Fulcrum. Review your Security Settings and your device's support for PDF files.

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