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Location Debugger Tool in the Android App
Location Debugger Tool in the Android App

How to access and leverage the location debugger tool in the Fulcrum for Android app.

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Using the Location Debugger

The Location Debugger view in Fulcrum for Android is helpful for viewing the raw GPS information that Fulcrum is receiving from the onboard or external GPS sensors. It can be particularly helpful when using 3rd-party Bluetooth GPS receivers to make sure Fulcrum is receiving location data from the right sensor.

To browse to the location tools on your Android device:

  • Tap the overflow button (three dots stacked vertically) in the upper right corner of the screen and select settings to access the settings page.

  • Then scroll to the bottom of the settings page and tap on the Tools & Utilities button at the bottom of the About Fulcrum section. 

  • Then select the start location debugger option.

Of note is the “Provider” reading, which indicates from where Fulcrum is receiving GPS sensor readings:

  • Fused means data is coming from the onboard location services, including GPS and/or assisted GPS from cellular. This is the same as you’d get in day-to-day use of other mapping applications on your device.

  • Fused (mock) means data is coming from a mock GPS provider, meaning another third-party application that is using Android’s mock location services to provide its own readings. Third-party GPS hardware requires this to override the onboard location services.

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