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Viewing, editing, and creating records from the web
Viewing, editing, and creating records from the web

Step-by-step guide for viewing, editing, and creating records in Fulcrum's web app. (Basic)

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Once you are done collecting data on your mobile device and synced the data to the server, you may want to edit the records on the web. In addition to viewing/editing records collected on a mobile device, you can also create records completely from the web.

Accessing Record Data in an App

When you first log into your user account on the web app, You will be taken to the homepage

To access the Data Viewer to view, edit, or create records, click the 'View Records' icon for the desired App.

Accessing the record editor by clicking the location icon from the Apps page.

This will take you to the web app's Data View for that app. It is the main view to see the data that has been collected for a given app.

Record Data View

At the top of the screen you can switch the record view to change the record visualization. There are three main view options for your record data. The map view, the split/hybrid view, and the table view.

If you have record location capture disabled, the map and split/hybrid view will be disabled.

Going through all the views: map view, split view, and table view.

Locating records is, most of the time easier, using Split View.

Switch to the split view or to the one that you prefer. To help you locate the record faster, you can also use the various sorting, searching, and filtering options.

Once you have located the record you wish to view you can click on the record in the map view or select open or quick view from the record options button to the left of the record in the data table.

You can view and share a record by selecting the open option from the record options and then copying the URL for the record.

Once you open the record, the record viewer will either open in a modal window within the same page (quick view) or open in a new browser tab allowing you to view the record's contents. 

Seeing a records details from the map view, after zooming in on the map.

Editing a Record

From the Record Data Viewer, you can quickly make changes to a record by clicking on the edit button found in the menu bar at the top of the page. From there, you can edit any field, add additional photos, and even change the location of the data point.

In order to set the geometry of the record to a line or polygon, enable Advanced Geometry for your app.

Once you have completed editing the record, click the green check icon to save your changes.

Click the green check icon to save the changes made to the record

Creating a Record from the Web

In the upper right corner of the Data Viewer you will see a green '+' icon.  

Clicking this will allow you to start the process of creating a new record within that app. How to proceed after clicking the '+' button depends on the view you are using to create the new record.  

Creating Records Using The Map or Split/Hybrid Views 

When you are using the map or split/hybrid view you will see a message at the top of the map saying to "click on the map to set the location" of the record before the editor modal will be displayed allowing you to enter in the record data. 

After you have selected the location on the map where you would like to create the record, the modal editor will appear allowing you to enter the record data.

Click on the map to create a record. The Location field will be automatically populated with the coordinates you selected in the map.

Creating Records Using The Table View 

When you are using the table view you are not required to click on the map to set the location. Instead, the Data Viewer modal will display right away allowing you to set the location on the map and fill out the record data right away.

Creating a record from the Table View. The location needs to be added manually, or by using the map.

Saving The Record

Once you have created a new record, set the location, and filled out the fields, then you can click on the green check mark to save the record to the server.

Saving a newly created record from the web appç

Once your record is saved, it will be displayed in the Data Viewer, along with all the other records.   






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