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What are the record options on the record editor?
What are the record options on the record editor?

Describing the record options found in the table view of the record editor.

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In the data table on the record editor, the record options popup can be found by click the record options button in the first column of the data table.


This option takes you to a quick view popup where you can begin editing the record.

Quick View

Similar to the edit button, but this option opens the record in a popup where you can view the contents of the record. Edit mode can be enabled manually, by pressing on the edit button in the upper-right corner of the popup.


This option will delete the record from the app. Make sure to use caution when deleting records on the web app. Once they are deleted, it may not be possible to recover your data.


This will produce a PDF report for the record. Default PDF reports will include all fields that have data captured in them.


Similar to the quick view, but instead of opening the record in a popup in the same page this option will open the record in a new browser tab. This can be helpful when you wish to view the data in the full browser or if you wish to share the URL of a record with someone (they have to have access to the record to leverage the URL of a record).


This will take you to a page in another browser tab where you can view the entire record history for the record. Each version of the record that has been saved will be in their own column while the fields will be listed as rows along the left side.

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