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What is the data downloader?
What is the data downloader?

Details on the "Download Data" button in the web app record viewer.

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The data downloader is one of the two export options available in Fulcrum. It's designed to be much more flexible than the exporter and allow you to produce a data file that is filtered to much more granular levels.

The data downloader is in the record viewer for a specific app. This option produces an export file that contains your filtered records with the option to include any associated photos, signatures, and audio files. If you are looking to exclude certain columns or wish to filter out a subset of records, then you will want to use this download option. 

When using split or map views, the download will also be filtered to only contain the records that are displayed in the visible map area.

Download Data

The Download Data feature is available in App Record Details page, regardless of the view you are currently using, you can download your data from the map, split, and table views.

The total number of records included in the downloaded file is set to the current filtered view, as displayed in the toolbar:

Getting to the Downloader from the App Records View.

Once you click the "Download Data" button, the Download Options modal opens. Here you can configure how you want your information to be downloaded. The options available are:

  • Format. Display a list of the available data formats for you to choose from.

  • Media fields. When Media or record link fields are available in your app, you can specify whether the values written should be logical (media file URL, linked record title) or relational (file/record ID). If you need to join the the records and photos, you'll want to select the resource ID, otherwise, you'll probably want to use the logical options. You can also choose the File Name option, it allows you to customize the Name of the downloaded files.

  • Media Files. Here you can check the boxes to include in your data download the photos and signatures.

  • PDF Reports. This option allows you to include PDF reports, from the template of your choice, of all the records in your download.

Once you're happy with the settings, click the 'Start' button.

Download files are currently limited to 10 GB in file size and/or 100,000 media files.

Recent Downloads 

The Recent Downloads dropdown contains up to 20 of your most recent downloads. Once a Download has started, you can see its progress here. It will display a processing icon when the download is still ongoing and a download icon once the file is ready to be downloaded.

Downloads expire after 7 days and will be removed from the list, but you can always generate another download if necessary.

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