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How to enable Lines and Polygons on an App
How to enable Lines and Polygons on an App
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If you want lines and polygons to be available as part of the record location for your app, 'Advanced Geometry' must be enabled in the location settings.

Enabling Advanced Geometry on an App

In the App Designer, click the 'Location Settings' button in the right panel.

Check the box for 'Advanced Geometry Enabled (Lines and Polygons) in the dialog box.

Click save to close the Location Settings. Then click save in your app before leaving the app designer.

Users will now see additional tools when they create or edit records, allowing them to create geometries as part of the record's location data.

Enable Advanced Geometry on a Repeatable

When the 'Advanced Geometry Enabled' option is selected for a repeatable in an app, this capability requires all users with access to that app to be on iOS version 5.8.1 or later and Android version 5.8.2 or later of Fulcrum’s mobile applications in order to continue syncing data.

If you have a repeatable in your app, you have the ability to enable Advanced Geometry in the popup dialog box.

Advanced Geometries can be enabled or disabled independently from the form or other repeatables.


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