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How do I generate reports from the web?
How do I generate reports from the web?

How to generate a report from the web app.

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There are two main locations that you can print a PDF report for a record from the web app. One is through the record modal and the other is through the record options in the data table.

Generating Reports

In order to generate Reports, first you will need to get to the Data Viewer Page of the desired App. To do this, select the 'App' option from the Side Navigation. There click on the View Records icon right to the App name to get to the Data Viewer page.

Depending on the view you are currently on, the location of the print option will vary.

Hybrid and Table Views

From these two views in order to print a record, you will need to click the more options, on the left side of the records row.

How to print reports from the hybrid and table views.

Map View

From the map view is also possible to print reports. In this case, you will need to first click on the point of the record right on the map so that the record details modal opens up. There click the more options icon (3 vertical dots). The print options is the first one available.

How to print reports from the map view on the record detail popup.

Choosing the Report

You can create multiple custom reports for each form. When two or more custom reports are active, users will be prompted to choose which form they want generated. Once they click the 'Print' option, they will be presented with the 'Select Report Template' modal that includes a list of all the existing reports for them to choose from.

Printing a report from the map view and selecting the report template to use.

Once the user clicks on the Report name the PDF file will be generated. In most cases, the file opens in the new tab.

Now you can physically print your report or save it to your computer.

Generating Reports of All Records in Batch

In order to generate reports in batch, you will need to go to the Exports Page of the desired App. Make sure to select Include PDF Reports filter option before running the export. This will create individual PDF Reports for every record that is going to be included in the export.

If you have two or more available templates, there is not a way to select a specific template for the export. The system automatically chooses the first template from the report template list.

This export filter option is currently available on Enterprise Plan only.

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