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Is there a hybrid view for map and table format?
Is there a hybrid view for map and table format?

Using Fulcrum's hybrid view for displaying and reviewing data.

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Fulcrum’s record editor has a hybrid view that allows you to display data on split screen view. 

By default, when the split screen view is enabled, the map is on the top half of the page and a table view on the lower half of the page. This view is ideal when looking at the contents of records contained within the bounds of the map.

Filtering and sorting options can be accessed by clicking on the headers of the columns. 

The bottom row on the data table is a summary row that can be useful for providing some additional details.

Adjusting the map to table ratio

Clicking and dragging between the table and map will allow you to adjust the map to table ratio.

Switching between horizontal and vertical split

Double-clicking where you click and drag to adjust the map to table ration will change the view from being split horizontally to vertically.

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