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How do I add a public Feature Service Layer?
How do I add a public Feature Service Layer?

Learn how to add public ArcGIS Feature Service Layers into Fulcrum.

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Fulcrum's Esri integration allows you to pull in public ArcGIS Feature Service layers into Fulcrum exposing lines and polygons as interactive objects. This feature removes the need for mbtiles conversion to bring Esri layers into Fulcrum.

To learn how to authenticate with ArcGIS to view private feature service layers instead, click here.

Steps to add a public Feature Service Layer to your Fulcrum account:

  1. Copy the URL of a public Feature Service

    Publish a layer in your ArcGIS account or just use any publicly available ArcGIS layer URL from the internet.

    Note: In ArcGIS Online, the URL for a layer can be found by clicking on a Feature Layer and then selecting Layers > Select a Layer > Overview

  2. Add the layer on the Fulcrum web app

    Public feature service layers can be added to Fulcrum via the web

    1. Within Fulcrum, navigate to 'Map Layers' from the left side menu

    1. Select 'New Map Layer'

    2. From the 'Layer Type' drop-down, select 'ArcGIS Feature Service'

    3. Add your URL to the 'Public Feature Service URL' field

The Feature Service Layer is now available to view on Fulcrum mobile apps.

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