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Maps and Layers in the Android App
Maps and Layers in the Android App

Details on accessing the included basemaps and custom map layers in the Fulcrum for Android app.

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Basemaps and layers are available on the Android App right from the map view. To get to the map view:

  1. Select the app that you are going to work with from the apps list

  2. If you do not see the map view, select the 'Map View' option on the lower left corner of the screen.

Accessing the Basemaps and Layers

From the map view, you will be able to select the basemaps and layers button.

Accessing Basemaps and Layers from the map view in the Android app.


Once you click on the basemaps and layers button, the available options will be displayed at the bottom of the screen. From here you can select between the different basemaps available, just tap the desired one. Basemaps may also be downloaded for offline use.

Custom Layers

Right below the Basemaps you will find your custom layers. These could be uploaded directly to the device, added to Fulcrum through the web app, or added by authenticating with ArcGIS. From this section, you can enable, disable, remove, change the order of your layers, and Add a New Layer. Multiple layers can be arranged on top of one another. You even have the option to download some layers for offline access.

To enable a layer, just tap the checkbox on the left side of the Layer name. You can see which layers are enabled by looking for the check mark on the left side of the layer row. To disable a layer, tap the checkbox again to uncheck the box.

Add a Layer to the map by clicking the checkbox located on the left side of the layers name.

To arrange the order of the layers, simply drag the layers by tapping the two horizontal lines into the desired position.

Right below the layers, you will also have the option to 'Connect to ArcGIS' to access your Feature Service Layers if you haven't already.

Connect to ArcGIS by clicking the button located at the bottom of the screen.

To learn more on this topic, please check out the following article:

Downloading Layers for Offline Use

Both MBTiles Layers and ArcGIS Feature Service Layers can be used offline.

To download an MBTiles layer, click on the 'Download' button just below the layer title and description.

To download a Feature Service Layer, select the 'Make Available Offline' button under the layer title and description.

Downloading layers makes them available offline to help collect data even in areas without service.

We recommend that you download your layers in advance when your device is connected to a WiFi network or with a strong cellular connection.

After the layer has downloaded, you will see a green message that says that your layer is "Available offline".


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