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How do I switch between Esri Maps and Google Maps on web?
How do I switch between Esri Maps and Google Maps on web?

Control which map engine is used in the Fulcrum Web App.

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Fulcrum allows you to choose between two popular map engines, Google Maps and Esri Maps. Esri Maps has some added functionality, like the ability to see public or private Feature Service Layers in Fulcrum, with exciting features like native Lines and Polygons coming soon. This help document will guide you through the process of toggling between these map engines to suit your organization's preferences and needs.

Note: This is an organization level setting. Only users with "Owner" permissions can change this setting. Contact your organization's "Owner(s)" if you'd like to see a switch between map engines.

Switching between Esri and Google Maps

  1. In the Fulcrum Web App, in the left navigation panel, click on "Organization Profile"

  2. Under the "Organization Features" section, you will see two radio buttons for "Esri Maps" and "Google Maps". Select your map engine of choice.

  3. Remember to click "Save Changes" after selecting your choice.

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