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How do you add a map layer to Fulcrum?
How do you add a map layer to Fulcrum?

Learn how to add a custom map layer from external sources in Fulcrum

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The web app currently supports layers in the following formats: Mapbox, Tile XYZ, GeoJSON, TileJSON, and WMS. With Esri Maps enabled, the web app also supports ArcGIS Feature Service Layers.

The mobile apps currently support layers in the following formats: ArcGIS Feature Service, MBTiles, Tile XYZ, and WMS sources. 

  • MBTiles can be directly uploaded to the mobile devices (Android, iOS) or synced down to the devices by first uploading the layer to the web app. These layers can be used in an offline or online environment on the mobile apps.

  • Tile XYZ layers can be setup on the web app and then synced down to the mobile apps. These layers can only be used in an online environment.

During setup, you can also set the permissions for who will be able to access to use the layer in Fulcrum.

Adding a Layer to Fulcrum

To add a layer, select layers from the navigation pane/sidebar on the left side of the Fulcrum web app.

Once on the layers page, select New Layer in on the upper right side of the screen.

Then you can proceed to select the layer type, name the layer, provide a description of the layer, and then either upload the file, select an app, or paste in the text or hyperlink (dependent on the layer type). Once that has been done, you can select the users you would like to grant access to that layer. Finally, you can create the layer.

For specific information on adding each type of layer, see our individual help pages:

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