What are projects?

Learn more about using, creating, managing and deleting projects in Fulcrum.

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Projects are tags that you can tag your records with. Once a record is tagged with a project only users that have been granted access to that project will be able to see and edit the records tagged with that project. 

The key points to projects are:

  • Data can be filtered by projects on the mobile apps and the web app. Only the records tagged with the project(s) a user has access to will be synced down to that user's mobile device.

  • Only members that have permission to a project will be able to see the data captured under that project

  • Data exported out of either exporter can be filtered to only include data from a specific project.

  • Projects are global, if a user has access to a project and project tagging is enabled on the app (details on this below), then users with access to that project will be able to tag records in that app with that project tag.

Creating Projects

To get to the project page where you can manage and create projects, click on the projects button on the the homepage.

Once on the projects page, you will be taken to the project overview page, you can come back to this page later and edit the name and permissions for exiting projects. In the upper right corner you will see the option to create a new project.

Once you click on the new project button, you will be taken to page where you can give the new project a name, a description, and grant users in your plan access to use this project.

After a project has been created the users will be able to start to tag records with that project.

Enabling/Disabling Projects For An App

The ability to tag records with a project in an app is enabled by default. However, there are times when you may not want to tag any records within an app with a project. 

At anytime you can disable/enable project tagging in an app through the app's designer page. Once you are on the app's designer page, click the advanced button and you will find the option to enable and disable the project tags.


  • When projects are disabled for an app, any records tagged with a project will have the project value removed (set to null).

  • Disabling projects will allow all users in an app to view and edit all records in the app.

  • On the iOS and Android apps, newly created records will automatically have the same project as the previously-saved record.

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