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What is record assignment?
What is record assignment?

Using record assignment to manage task queueing and work management for your field data collection.

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You can assign specific records to users within your account. When records are assigned, not everyone is going to be able to view or edit them. Those who will be able to view/edit a record are:

This can be useful for ensuring that each team member gets assigned specific pieces of work or that confidential data is only seen by qualified users.

Records can be assigned through the web app in the record editor or by using the importer to assign them in bulk.

Before reviewing how to assign records, it's important to point out that the App configuration needs to have the "Assignment Enabled" option turned on in order to have the ability to assign records to individual users.

Assigning Records Through the Record Editor

When editing a record on the web app, you will see a dropdown in the metadata section called 'Assigned'.

Select the user you want to assign the record to from the dropdown list in the Assigned field.

Clicking the dropdown reveals a full list of all the users that have access to the App. To assign the record to one of them, simply click on the name. This will automatically populate the field with the selected user. Then just save the Record and it will be assigned to the user.

Assigning Records Through the Importer

Whether you are importing new data or assigning previously collected data you can use to import tool to quickly assign a large number of records to your field users.

To do so, export the data and open it in a format you can edit (like Excel or another spreadsheet program). You’ll see the assigned_to column that contains the email address of the currently assigned user. If you are starting a new file, you will need to add this column to your CSV File.

To either assign or reassign a record, add the email address of the user, then import it back into Fulcrum (or reimport if you're updating existing records) to bulk assign those records to their respective users.

Example of a CSV file that contains the information to assign records.

To learn more about how to use the importer tool, please read the following article:

Enabling/Disabling Record Assignment

To learn more about enabling or disabling record assignment for your apps, please read the following article:

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