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How do I delete records?
How do I delete records?

Learn about the multiple ways to permanently delete records from your Fulcrum account.

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While it is possible to delete records from your Fulcrum apps, we recommend that you be careful when deleting them.

Unless you’ve exported and backed up your data, once a record has been deleted from the system, it cannot be recovered from within Fulcrum.

The process to delete a record varies depending on the device you are using to access your information. It is also possible to delete records using the api or by using a little trick to bulk delete records.

Accounts with access to the Export full record history Feature have a way of recovering deleted records.

Deleting Records on Mobile

Only records that have not been synced can be permanently deleted via the mobile apps. Deleting a record which has been synced with the server will remove the record from that mobile device, but it will still be available in the system. Once a record has been synced, it can only be deleted from the system via the web admin console or the API

Click the option that corresponds to the operating system of your device to get more information on how to delete a record.

Deleting Records on the Web

Records can be deleted individually from the Record List page. To get there, go to Apps from the main menu, and then click the location icon to view all the records.

There you will see the 3 lines on the left side of the records table. Click that icon to display the available options. Delete is the third option down the list.

Once you click it, you will be prompted to confirm if you want to continue with the action, as this action cannot be undone.

If you are sure you wish to continue, then click DELETE to complete the process.

Deleting records with the API

If you want to bulk delete records, you should use the Records API. There is not a way to delete in bulk in a single call, but you can repeatedly call the DELETE function in order to achieve this functionality. The Fulcrum Node, Fulcrum Python, and Fulcrum Ruby API wrappers all support record deletion as well.

Bulk Deleting Records

Bulk delete is currently in beta testing - contact for more information and to sign up to beta test.

Another current option for deleting *all* records in a form is to use the "duplicate form" option on the form settings and then delete the old form. The "duplicate form" will copy your form structure without any of the records. Once you have duplicated the form, you are able to delete the old form from your account. If you would like to include some records you will have to import those from the original form.

Recovering Deleted Records

If your plan has the ability to export the full record history, you can recover deleted records. First export the full history and locate the deleted record from the exported data file. You will then need to import the records back into your app.

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