How do I delete an app?

How to delete one of your apps and its data from your Fulcrum account.

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Deleted apps CANNOT be recovered, so consider making the app inactive, from the app’s designer under Advanced Settings, first as an alternative if you’re unsure about deleting completely. It is also a good idea to export your data before deleting your apps.

Delete an App

Deleting an app in Fulcrum will remove its form template structure, settings, permissions, and all of its data. Any media storage that is being used by media files in the app that is deleted will be freed up when the app is deleted.

To delete one of your apps, start on the Apps list: 

  1. Then click the More menu in the top right corner.

  2. Click the Delete App option to delete the app completely from your account. 

  3. For security and safety reasons, a prompt will display requiring you to enter the name of the app and the number of records contained within that app, if the app contains data.

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