Link an App to a Task

Use Task tracking in Fulcrum to have a user add or update a record in a custom Fulcrum app.

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Tasks are really useful, but sometimes you need to be a bit more specific with an inspection than the fields on a Task record allow. In that scenario, you can link an existing Fulcrum app to a task so your user in the field can utilize the specific form and logic you've created to perform an inspection.

Your field user can then use the Fulcrum Android or iOS mobile app to either create a new record in that app or update an existing record and that record will be linked to and accessible through the Task record you created.

NOTE: You will need to have our Intelligent Team Automation (Tasks and Issues) feature set enabled to use this workflow! If you do not see Tasks and Issues in Fulcrum, please reach out to our support team via the little red chat bubble in the bottom right hand corner to learn more about this new functionality and to have them enable it. It is included with your existing subscription.

Linking a Fulcrum App to a Task

  1. From either the Dashboard or Task list page, click the "+Add Task" button.


  2. Look for the field labeled "Link an app."

  3. Select an app from your list of custom Fulcrum Apps.

    Optional: You have the option to add a new record at this point or link an existing record. If you do neither, your field user will create the record when they select the task's Linked Records field via the mobile app.

That's it! You're done. Once you save the Task, it will show up for your users and include a link to either create or update a record in the app you linked.

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