This article describes how to view and complete tasks in the Android app.

Tasks were introduced as part of Fulcrum's Intelligent Team Automation functionality.

This article will describe how to:

  1. View the Task List

  2. Filter/Sort the Task List

  3. Update and/or Complete a Task

NOTE: Your organization may not have our new Intelligent Team Automation functionality (which includes tasks) enabled. Please contact if you are interested in enabling this functionality.

View the Task List

To navigate to the Task List, select Tasks from the Overview tab.

On the task list, you will see your organization's list of tasks.

Filter/Sort the Task List

The list will automatically filter to tasks assigned to you when you first navigate to it. Using the options across the top of the task list, you can search, filter, and choose how to sort your list.

Update and/or Complete a Task

To update a task:

  1. Tap the task in the list to view it.

  2. Update the Status to "In progress" once you begin the task.

  3. Add Work Notes to communicate updates to your supervisor or the rest of the team.

  4. If a Checklist has been included in your task, check off each item in the checklist as it is completed/inspected.

  5. Once the task is complete, update the Status to "Complete".

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