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Add a Fulcrum App to your Home Screen
Add a Fulcrum App to your Home Screen

Learn how to add a Fulcrum app to your phone's Home Screen.

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Update: Since this article was written, mobile widgets have been released. This gives better control on the Android app. Additionally, Chrome has a new security restrictions making this not available for the Android app. 

For the iOS app mobile widgets provides an alternative to adding to the app to the home screen. The below details as slightly dated and instead of clicking the button to add to home screen, you need to manually add it to the home screen by tapping the browser action button with the arrow and tapping the "Add to Home Screen" button.

Adding a Fulcrum App to your home screen

Have you ever wanted to launch directly into a Fulcrum App and create a new record, right from your phone’s home screen? Now, it’s possible with this helpful little add-on we built at: To use this, open the link on your smartphone’s browser (preferably either Safari on iOS or Chrome on Android). Then, just login to your Fulcrum account and select an app. Once you have chosen an app, use the middle icon in the bottom menu and scroll over to “Add to Home Screen.” Your selected app will now have a separate app icon to launch your app and create a record quickly.

Keep in mind; this newly created app icon will directly launch into the creation of a record. If you want to edit records or perform other tasks, you can back out of the record creation or just use your standard Fulcrum app.

One quick way to get every team member aware of this feature is to update to the newest version of Fulcrum, and add a hyperlink field to the top or bottom of your Fulcrum app. When doing this, do not add the link above; instead, add the link created before you press the “Add to Homescreen” button. It creates a unique URL for your particular app. Then, give the hyperlink a label of “Add to Homescreen.”

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