Schedule and Assign Tasks

This article describes how to schedule and assign tasks on the web using our Intelligent Team Automation workflow.

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What is a Task?

As part of Fulcrum's Intelligent Team Automation functionality, tasks represent assigned work. Examples of tasks include scheduled inspections, maintenance of assets, and fixes to issues that have been found.

NOTE: You will need to have our Intelligent Team Automation (Tasks and Issues) feature set enabled to use this workflow! If you do not see Tasks and Issues in Fulcrum, please reach out to our support team via our in-app chat to learn more about this new functionality and to have them enable it. It is included with your existing subscription.

There are two ways to create a task:

Creating a Task from the Task List

  1. Select Tasks in the Left Menu.

  2. Select + Create Task in the upper right corner of the Task List.

3. Fill in all required fields and any other information that is relevant to the task.

a. If the task is associated with a project, the assignee must have access to that project in order to see the task.
b. Similar to app record assignment: when a task is assigned to someone, only that user, users with either the manager or owner role, or any custom roles that can "assign records" will be able to view or edit that task.

4. Set the Directions/Location of the task to enable the task assignee on the mobile app to launch a map app on their device (Google Maps, Apple Maps, Waze, etc.) to provide them with directions to the task location.

5. Add a Checklist to list out task steps or items that need to be inspected as part of the task.

  • To add more than one checklist item, select Add Item or hit Enter on your keyboard.

  • When your checklist items have been added, select Add To Task.

6. Link an app if filling out an app record is part of the task. For more information on linking apps to tasks, check out this article.

7. Select Save Task.

Creating a Task from the Dashboard

  1. Select Dashboard in the Left Menu.

  2. Select + Add Task in the upper right corner of the Upcoming Task List.

  3. Follow the same steps as you normally would in filling out the task information (see section above).

  4. Select Save Task.

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