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Custom media file naming using the data downloader
Custom media file naming using the data downloader

Allow users to define custom names for media files when downloading their data.

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Users can dynamically name their media files while using the Data Downloader. This feature allows users to include tags within the record data to be populated in the file name of your downloaded record's media data.

Custom Media File Names

To customize the media file names, it is necessary to use the supported syntax which consists off adding brackets {} around the supported tag. Additional tags can be added by using ' --' in between tags. Take a look at the example below:

In the 'Media File Name' field of the Download Options modal, we have set: {title}--{record_id}

With this configuration, any new record would populate the record title and the record id in the file name for an individual media file.

Using multiple tags to define the Media File Name on data download.

Supported tags

Review the following table to learn more about the different tags available for naming your files when downloading your data:

Tag Name

Description (or Article Link)





The media's unique ID


The record's unique ID


(Repeatable) record/child record ID


(Repeatable) Title


(Repeatable) Number

Download Options

To access this feature, click the download data button from the Data Viewer of the app for which you want to download the data.

To get the process started, click the Download Data button on the top right of the record view.

Next, select "File Name" as the Media Fields selection, and be sure to check the media fields you wish to include.

Selecting File Name as the option for the Media Fields

The dropdown arrow on the left side of the download data button reveals the list of completed downloads as well as downloads in progress:

Data Download processing.

Once the download is finished processing, click the icon to save it to your computer in the chosen format:

Once the process is complete the download icon will be displayed right next to the file.


  • Things such as project, assignment, status, and captions are currently not supported for this feature.

  • Media files that have a repetitive or no value for a desired tag will be numbered chronologically.


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