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Custom media file naming using the data downloader
Custom media file naming using the data downloader
Allow users to define custom names for media files when downloading
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Fulcrum now supports users dynamically naming media files while using the data downloader. This feature allows users to include tags within the record data to be populated in the file name of your downloaded record's media data.

The current supported syntax for populating the media file name is brackets {} around the supported tag, additional tags can be added by following with --.

Tip: Download only a couple records when first trying the structure of how you want your media files named. This is to ensure you have it correct before starting a potentially long download.



Would populate the record title and the record id in the file name for an individual media file.

The supported tags for this feature are:





The media's unique ID


The records unique ID


(Repeatable) record/child record ID


(Repeatable) Title


(Repeatable) Number

To access this feature select download data from the record view.

Next select "File Name" as the media fields selection and be sure to check the media fields you wish to include.


-Things such as project, assignment, status, and captions are currently not supported for this feature.

-Media files that have a repetitive or no value for a desired tag will be numbered chronologically.

Full Length Example:

Here we have a building inspection app with numerous fields. The two fields I want to be apart of my photo name is the "Building Material" field and the "Number of Floors" field.

Here is a sample record for this app. The building has Concrete, Glass for "Building Materials" and has 15 "Number of Floors".

Using the structure below, one is able to dynamically generate the downloaded photo name to contain "Building Materials" and "Number of Floors" values.

Here is the end result of the downloaded media for this example.

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