What are data names on form fields?
Explaining the function of data names in Fulcrum apps.
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Data names in form fields in Fulcrum are properties that function as the system names for each attribute in the Fulcrum database. 

Think of them as you would column headers in a spreadsheet or relational database table. 

For example: in the above app for the "Number of Floors" field, if exported out of Fulcrum, the Number of Floor column list would have a header of number_of_floors.


  • Data names have to be unique across the entire app that the field is within.

  • Data names accept lower case characters (a through z), numbers (0 through 9), and underscores ( _ ). Capitalized characters are not accepted.

  • When conducting imports or exports of data to or from your Fulcrum account, the data name attributes are used to structure the data for standardization.

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