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What is a title field?

Understanding how the title field from the App Settings work in Fulcrum.

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The Title field is used to create the record title that serves as the primary identifier of a record. It is automatically generated based on the fields you choose. Up to 5 fields within the app can be appended together to set the record title.

It is recommended that at least one of the fields used to create the Title is marked as a required field.

If the fields used to create the Title are all empty, Fulcrum will use the first non-empty text field as the record title. In the event the chosen Title fields are no longer empty, the title set from that fallback text field will be replaced.

Setting the Title

To get started, click on the 'Title' Option in the App Settings section on the right side of the screen.

Setting up a Title in the App Settings Section.

A modal window will appear, giving you the option to designate up to 5 fields to use to create the title.

Selecting up to 5 fields to create the Title for the records that belong to this app.

In the mobile app, this is the attribute that will be displayed in the preview when tapping on a pin as well as the main identifier in the table layout.

Repeatable Section Title

With repeatable sections you can also set fields to be used as the title for the child records that are created.

The option to set the title for a repeatable section is found in the repeatable section options modal.

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