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How do I export files with record link data?
How do I export files with record link data?

Obtaining all data when exporting data out of an app with a record link field.

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When you use the exporter to export data from apps with record links, you’ll want to export the data from all of the apps involved in the link.

As with repeatable sections, apps with record links contain reference fulcrum_id values for the linked records.

In the file that contains your links, you will find a column (titled with the data name of your record link field) that will contain record IDs. If you enabled multiple records to be linked, the column will contain multiple record ids that are comma-separated. These IDs will match up with the IDs located in the fulcrum_id column in the files that contain data from the linked app exports.


When you use the downloader to export your data, you will have the option of having the record link field contain the record title of the linked record or the record ID.

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