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Mobile face distortion for photos
Mobile face distortion for photos

Facial recognition with auto face blur

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We have added the ability for users to auto enforce face distortion locally on the mobile device. With today's changing landscape of regulations surrounding Personally Identifiable Information (PII), this is a step towards helping customers achieve compliance.

For Enterprise and Professional plans, "Enable face distortion" is available as a form field setting for photo fields. The distortion applied to faces detected is done at the point of capturing the photo. This happens before the photo syncs to a server or is saved locally on the mobile device.

To enable this feature for a photo field, check the box "Enable Face Distortion?" while editing your app.

In addition, users designing their apps may want to disable users saving photos to the device gallery or selecting photos from the device's gallery to upload to a record. If users upload a photo from the gallery, this detection will not be run against it. If a user wants to disable field users saving or uploading from gallery this can be easily done with a data event.

App builders can disable field collectors saving to gallery and uploading from gallery for a photo field using the below data event.

ON('load-record', function(event){ var config = {
media_gallery_enabled: false

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