What are data events?
How data events can be used to run code that is triggered by specific actions.
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Data Events allow users to perform specific actions when certain events are triggered. Actions can include things like custom alerts and validation messages, setting field values, choices, labels, descriptions, requirement & visibility settings, HTTP requests and more. Event triggers include things like record loading, editing, validating, saving, value changing, and more.

This functionality enables listening for record changes, programmatically changing values, as well as building dynamic hyperlinks, writing custom quality assurance logic and much more! 

You can build out simple extensions or construct highly sophisticated applications with these components using standard JavaScript. Data Events essentially provide a flexible set of tools to control exactly what happens when your team collects data in Fulcrum.

Data Event Builder

To access the data event builder click on the Data Events button in the right side of the app designer within the app settings section. Just above the save buttons.

After you click on the Data Events button, you are taken to data event builder:


  • The vast majority of what you are trying to build in your data events does fall within the included support for all plans. So please feel free to reach out if you need any assistance.

  • Consult the developer documentation and Data Events guides for more information.

  • As an advanced feature, Data Events are only available on select plans.

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