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How do I use Reference Files?
How do I use Reference Files?

A walk though of how and when to use Reference Files.

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Reference files are used when you have files that are commonly referenced while working within a fulcrum app.


Examples include standard operating procedures, training documents, manuals, parts lists, contact lists, additional material for choice lists or multiple choice selections, and other files that need to be regularly referenced when users are interacting with records.

Reference files are automatically synced to the mobile device and are read only to users in the field. Reference files are accessible at all times under any record for that given app on mobile.

How do I upload Reference Files?

Users can access the Reference Files uploader in the App Builder on the right hand side settings panel.

  • With a new app, you must save your app at least once for "Reference Files" to be visible.

  • After uploading and saving a file, you must also "Save app".

Pressing the Reference Files button shows an Add Files modal. Any type of document can be added as a reference file. Any file type other than JPG, PNG or PDF will require a mobile app other than Fulcrum to open it.

How do users access Reference files?

Accessing it on the web.

If users want the files on their local machine, they have the option to download the files. If additional files need to be added there is a link to access the App Builder quickly.

Accessing it on mobile

On the top of your app, you will find a white bar with a link to open the Reference Files.

Pressing the Reference Files link will open the Reference Files panel. Search is available to locate the files quickly.

PDFs and photos will open within Fulcrum, but if it is another document type like a CAD document, an app to open that file type will need to be installed on your device.

Note: On Reference Files there is a limit of 100 documents.

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