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How do I remove members from my plan?
How do I remove members from my plan?

Removing users from your plan.

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If a member of your plan no longer needs access to your plan, you can remove members by going to the Members tab. 

Next, Click Delete next to the member you’d like to remove.

Clicking the delete button next to the member you wish to delete will result in a popup bring displayed. This popup serves two purposes. 

  • To reassign all records to another user or unassigned all records that the user account may have been assigned. (NOTE: Using the Unassign Records option will immediately clear the assigned to value of all existing records that were assigned to that user. Their deleted member's name will still show up in the history of the record

  • To confirm the user that you are removing by typing in the name of the user you are removing. 


  • Removing a member will free up a member slot in your plan for the remainder of the month, you can add a new member to fill this spot without being charged a prorated fee for the additional of a member in the middle of a billing cycle.

  • The data that they collected and synced to the server will remain in the plan. You will want to make sure that they have synced all of the data that is stored on their device. The user account will not be able to sync with the plan once the user has been removed

  • Deleting a member from your plan will not delete the user account within Fulcrum. The result of deleting or removing a member from your plan will just result in that user account not longer having access to your plan.  

  • Deleting a member from your plan will delete any API tokens created by that user. If there are any API tokens created by the deleted user that are still in use, they will need to be replaced with an active token.

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