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How do I add or import new users to my plan?
How do I add or import new users to my plan?

Inviting or importing user accounts to be members of your Fulcrum plan.

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Fulcrum is a multi-user system, that allows you and your organization to add user accounts to your plan for team-based data collection and collaboration. Adding new users to your current plan is very simple.

Adding a New Member to Your Plan

Start by expanding the 'Setup Menu' from the Side Navigation, to display all the available options. There click on Members. This will take you to the members page. From there click the '+Add Members' button.

This will display the 'Add member' modal window. As you will see, the different sections of this form are divided into steps so that it is easier to manage the newly created members. Let's review each Step in detail.

Add new members to your organization and manage their permissions, all in the same place.

Step 1. Add Members to your Organization

To add new members there are two possible paths for you to follow: Fill out the form or import them with a CSV file.

The first step to add members to your organization either by entering their email, first name, last name and role, or by uploading a CSV file.

Fill out the Form

If you decide to go for this option, you will need to input the new member's email address, first name, last name, and role you want to assign tot he user. If you are looking to add multiple users, then click the 'Add Another Member' button and repeat the process.

The 'Add Another Member' button will be enabled once you have completely filled out a row with a new member's information.

Note: If the new member you are adding is an existing Fulcrum user, you will not be able to customize their name. In this case, you will need to have the user change their own profile settings.

If you have a list of new users and you want to take a fast approach, then the import CSV option is the one for you.

Import CSV

This option allows you to add multiple users at once with a single import file. The CSV file you are going to upload should have the columns: email, last_name, first_name, and, role.  The importer will parse out each line of your file and fill in the dialog box. If your import is successful you will get a "Successfully Imported" message.

An example of an import file can be seen below.

Sample of a CSV file to add 4 new users to Fulcrum.

Step 2. Add to Groups

Click the 'Select Groups' button to add the user(s) to groups. Once you add members to a group, it will give them access to the Apps, Map Layers, and Projects available for that particular group. The process is quite simple, just select the group and then click the '>' arrow to assign it to the new members. You can select multiple Groups. Once you have added all the groups, click the 'Done' button.

Grant Access to the new members to apps, layers and projects by assigning them to a group.

Step 3. Manage Individual Access

Here you can add individual access to Apps, Layers and/or Projects. Just click on the corresponding button and select the Apps/Layers/Projects you wish to assign the new members to, following the same procedure described Step 2. Add to Groups.

If a member has access to one of these items via a group, the items are automatically added to the right side of the transfer list, and there will be an "Access via Group" note. The items will be grayed out as they cannot be removed via individual access management. To remove access to one of these items, the member or the item must be removed from the group.

Step 4. Add a note to the invitation email (optional)

While this is an optional step, you can add a custom note to all the members you are adding to your organization. It will be includes as part of the invitation email that is sent to users once you finish the process.

Once you have completed the four Steps to add members to your organization, click the 'Next' button.

By default, the Next button is disabled until you add at least one complete row in Step 1.

Review Changes 

After you click the Next button, you will be taken to the 'Summary of Pending Changes modal window, where you can review the detail of the members you are adding to your organization and also the amount that your plan will be charged for them.

Detail of the new members to be added to your organization and the amount to be charged to your account.

If the information for the new members is correct and you accept the amount, then click the 'Confirm Changes' button to proceed.


  • When a new user is added the cost per user is prorated based on the time remaining in the current billing cycle.

  • The Add Members button will be greyed out if you have reached your plan's specified maximum user count.

    • Plans will not have a maximum user count unless specified in an agreement with your account executive.

  • If you remove a user before adding a new user, the new user will take the place of the removed user and your plan will not be charged.

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