Can I import photos?

How photos can be imported into records.

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Absolutely, you can import photos to your records. Here you will find everything you need to know to import your photos to Fulcrum.

Importing New Photos

When importing photos into records in your app, you must upload a ZIP file that contains two things:

  1. The actual photo files in a .jpg format and the data file that contains the record data that is being imported into your app. 

  2. In the data file there should be a column that will be mapped to the photo field in your app. The cells that column that are associated with records need to contain the file name of the photo, without the file extension.

For example:

  • photo , not photo.jpg 

If you are uploading multiple photos to a single photo field, then you will want to separate the photo file names with a comma in the cell. 

  • photo1,photo2,photo3 

When importing photos the photo files should be in the .jpg file format. The extension needs to be in lowercase. Uppercase file extensions will result in errors.

Copying Photos From One Record To Another

To copy photos from one record into another record using the importer you must include the photo files in the imported ZIP file. Since photo file names must be unique, Fulcrum will rename the photo files during the import process. If the actual photo files are not included in the import file, the system will skip the upload process for those photos.

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